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 Winter is Ideal for Renovations in Gauteng and Free State


Winter is Ideal for Renovations in Gauteng and Free State

Home owners in Gauteng and Free State usually renovate their homes during the winter season due to the lack of wet weather. However, before planning to enlarge your living area or renovate the kitchen or bathroom, you should first consider the maintenance that the home might need. 

By properly tending to the maintenance of your home, it will increase the value of your home and reduce the chance of accidents that can occur in and around the house.

Most insurance policies for homeowners only provides coverage for damage due to sudden and unforeseen events for example fire, flood or explosion and the company sees it as the responsibility of the home owner to make sure that the property is maintained properly. Lack of maintenance can result in damage to the home, which may lead to a claim but if it is determined that damage to the property could have been avoided through proper maintenance, the claim may be rejected.

To make sure that your home is in excellent condition, you may consider giving attention to the following aspects:

 -          Inspect the roof of your home on a regular basis for leaks. The roof protects the structure of the building against damage caused by weather conditions, like heavy rain or wind storms or hail.

-          Clean gutters from leaves and dust to prevent clogging of the gutters and drains.  Clogged gutters lead to leaks and rot. Ensure that water drains properly and away from the home.

-          Check the frame materials of windows and exterior doors; same are used on a constant basis and are exposed to different weather conditions that cause wear and tear.

-          Give attention to cracks and holes that may occur in the paint and coating of your home because this can cause water to leak through and make the property vulnerable to infestations.

-          Take care of all fire extinguishers and smoke detectors and make sure all are in good working order.

If you plan to renovate to your home, it is important to do proper research and to appoint a reputable builder. Respected building contractors usually have their own liability coverage in place. Most insurance policies for homes include cover for incomplete, faulty and inadequate building that is not carried out by the contractor. This means that the customer will be liable to recoup those costs.

It is important to keep your home in good shape and avoid being neglected which could lead to damage. Spending a little time at keeping the quality of your home in place, can save you lots of trouble and money.


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