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Cleaning fees and Security Deposit - how it works

What’s the deal with the cleaning fee and security deposit?

Cleaning Fees: Each host is entitled to charge a one-time, non-refundable cleaning fee to lessees. Not all hosts charge a cleaning fee, but if they do, the cleaning fee can vary depending on the host’s preference. This is a flat fee that will never increase or decrease after booking, and you will always know the exact figure up front. It is non refundable. 

NB - The cleaning fee amount is fixed with the understanding that the accommodation, upon check-out, is left in the same general condition that the Guest received it when the Guest checked-in. If not, then the Security Deposit will be forfeited. 

Security Deposit: The security deposit is a different story. Most hosts request a security deposit. Here’s how it works:

NB - Your "Breakage Deposit / Security Deposit" will be refunded not sooner than 7 days after your departure. However, it is your duty to request the refund not later than 3 months after departure in which case the refund if forfeited to Southern Staying. 

If a host wants to claim a portion of the security deposit, they must make the request within 48 hours of your departure. When they file, they must submit both photos of the damage and any receipts indicating a specific reason for the exact cost they are demanding from the deposit. This information will go to the lessee / guest and also to Southern Staying. If the lessee / guest rejects the charge, then Southern Staying will investigate and check out the credibility of the charges. If there isn’t enough proof or if the amount they are demanding isn’t reasonable, Southern Staying will intervene. Bottom line? Your money isn’t at the whim of the host. Southern Staying, as per agreement of all parties, has the full and final say in a decision to refund or not to refund a security deposit. 

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