Lockdown Level 3 Regulations unfair to Tourism

SA Tourism on a Bumpy Road under Lockdown Level 3 

We need a more balanced approach to tourism and an urgent review of the lockdown regulations.

Business travel is allowed, but if you need to sleepover, under lockdown level 3, it must be in a hotel or guesthouse. However, for www.southernstaying.co.za private holiday home owners it does not make sense.

It is far more safer to stay over in a private self-catering holiday home than in a hotel and or guesthouse and it is also more affordable. You have no check-in and check-out contact with staff, you do not share a dinner table and far less traffic are going through holiday homes. If a private holiday house was standing empty for 2 weeks then chances are very good that no corona viruses are in that house even if it was not cleaned.

Private accommodation managers will do their part, in as much as hotels and guest houses and together business travel and tourism can be served without any or minimum risk to travelers. 

We humbly request that Government allows private holiday homes to receive guests during levels 3, 2 and 1. It will help owners to pay monthly municipal bills and mortgage bonds.

Stay Stafe and Stay Infomed. 

Johan van Zyl CEO - southernstaying.co.za

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