Merry Christmas Everybody

☆ Christmas Message 2017 ☆

On Sunday 12 April 1912, within two hours, the Titanic sank: It took 1,500 lives along to her watery grave.

During the two hours took place interesting things. There were not enough lifeboats. The rich and the famous have made sure that they get first place. Later, declared the captain on his megaphone that just women with babies may get onto the lifeboats. A man, with a baby in his arms, ran over to a woman who did not have a child. To her, the announcement was a death sentence. But suddenly her situation changed when the man put his child in her arms and said, This is yours ... run for your place on the lifeboat!

What is your greatest Christmas gift?

At Christmas God again put his child Jesus in your arms and say: This is yours ... run to my lifeboat.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas. May all of us during this wonderful time discover and spread His love.

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Merry Christmas Everybody