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 Preparing your Accommodation for Guests



Preparing your Accommodation for Guests
Start by clearing the space from personal items.
Remove personal photos, counter top clutter in the kitchen and bathrooms, personal mail or desktop documents, etc.—so that guests can feel like the home is their own special space, homeaway from home, and settle in accordingly.
When emptying the wardrobe of clothes, supply hangers for guests to use during their stay. This allows the guest to unpack and not feel like they are intruding in someone else’s house.
Get professional cleaning done.
So that guests arrive to a fresh, immaculate home for their stay. Make up the beds, putting the top sheets soft-side down, and using “hospital corners” to make sure the sheets have a smooth, crisp feel when guests climb into the bed. They ensure that each bed has a nightstand and lamp next to it. In the bathrooms, there’s a supply of travel-size toiletries, fluffy towels, and a blowdryer on hand.
Be Bold, carefully
Most popular home features are striking color palettes, brilliant and bold walls and furniture, incredible art, and eye-catching light fixtures. It’s part of what makes the stay very special for guests, and homeowners should not shy away from letting their home be an expression of their style. Some of our most-booked homes feature rooms with lively wallpaper in bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.
That said, it’s hard to get it exactly right, and a great deal more homes tend to lean toward a more classic and neutral palette with pops of color, as some guests prefer something that feels familiar, and less distracting.
Show off your strengths
The most important to guests tend to be those that make a home distinctive. That means rooftop decks in Johannesburg; pools and views in Durban; and garret windows and gilded molding in Cape Town etc. Know your regional preferences. South Africans are keen on family travels so kids rooms are important. But so too are playgrounds etc.
Add special touches
Bring the city into the homes with local snacks (Like traditional English breakfast tea and biscuits in Cape Town and Durban) available for guests upon arrival, and coffee, tea, and milk for them to have on-hand while during their stay. Or, some wine even. This extra touch helps guests to settle more deeply into the home, and into their stay, and best of all tell others.
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