Beach Weddings can be Fun

Beach Weddings – Can be fun!

Getting married on a warm beach listening to the waves crashing on the shore is a dream many people have and it is a stunning one too. However, it can come true, especially in South Africa with it fabulous East, West and South coast beaches.

 There are a few things you should know before you go ahead with your plans.Beach Wedding Information

1. Know Your Place:

The weather has the final say! In the Western Cape the best time of the year for beach weddings are February tot Mach. Remember it can become cooler and windy as the sun sets, and often round about 21h00 the wind quiets down. Do not forget the option to have a breakfast wedding. Most often the wind is not a problem in the early mornings and Breakfast and Champagne is a lot cheaper, but a sure winner.

Make sure that you position yourself above the high water mark and in an area that is away from the traffic and people.  

2. The Legal Side Of Things:

People often forget that the official side of a wedding may not be dealt with on the beach. Not in the open at all! It must, according to South African laws, be conducted in a building with open doors, in the presence of both parties and two witnesses, solemnized by a competent marriage officer. So have your close-knit official ceremony in an open church, house, office, building etc, and then simply repeat the former on the beach as if the former never happened.

You’ll have to first find out about any rules there might be for the beach wedding, regarding noise, curfew, lights, candles and things like that. Some municipalities have rules to comply with. Make sure that you at the very least enquire from the particular local municipality if there are any requirements and keep the contact details of the person you spoke to.

Observe the general beach rules. Check for signage about fires [candles], litter, animals etc.

Secure your space hours before the event while having somebody to watch over the area. Cordon the area off. And best to display a note to this effect, with your contact details on, a few days before the event.

3. Catering:

Save yourself the hassle of serving food on the beach. It can become a headache, so best to open a few bottles of champagne and then to usher all off to a restaurant, hall etc. That way you reduce your worries and relax about the roll the weather is going to play. Often a good old  South Africa braai is a winner for kids and adults, yet less romantic.

4. Accommodation:

You will have to have accommodation close by available as it adds so much more to the fun. The idea of staying away from busy places is a winner, but also it should be in an area where accommodation is freely available. The Struisbaai and Agulhas area is ideally suited for this, but leave it all to us at Southern Staying to arrange your self-catering accommodation [ ].



A beach wedding is usually a less expensive wedding venue, weddings these days can cost a fortune, when all that really matters is you and the love of your life are finally going to be husband and wife. Sure, you want the day to be splendid, beautiful and memorable, but this can be done without spending huge amounts of money. 
A Beach Wedding is absolutely beautiful! Obviously it should take place on a warm day, but any beach wedding is stunning and offers the opportunity for fabulous photographs.
Your guests will feel free and be able to be themselves, meaning that they don’t have to sit quietly in their seats and be still all the time; they can enjoy themselves and take part in the celebration of the newly-wed couple.
The ceremony and the reception can take place on the beach so that no one will have to travel to another location for the reception. The fun can start on the beach and it can end there! The kids will even have a great time with so much space to play in.

You can be as creative as you like; create your own isle to walk down using flowers or rocks; this is the time to reveal your creative side!


Most beaches are breezy, no matter the weather for the day so you should try and find a spot on the beach that provides a bit of shelter from the wind. 
Weather forecasts aren’t always that accurate, it may say sunshine for that day, come your wedding day and the rain is pouring. So you should always have a backup plan, a location that you can quickly revert to. That is why having the wedding feast in a restaurant is often a good idea as it can also serve as a backup venue for the ceremony.   
If you are having your guests sit on chairs, think of the sand it will sink into, if your guests will be seated on cushions or beach blankets, think of the elderly people that will be attending. You have to provide comfort for them all, but no harm in asking guests to brink their own deckchairs.
Every beach has seagulls that love to invade wherever food is involved. Be sure to keep your food covered at all times if you would like it to remain for the guests!

Don’t let the disadvantages of a beach wedding put you off if you are not that worried about them, beach weddings are wonderful and everyone is sure to have fun! Tell the world you are getting married on the southernmost of Africa! Contact us at for information and accommodation on the southernmost of Africa.

Team: South Staying