What HOLIDAY and GETAWAY OPTIONS are still possible in times of viruses

What HOLIDAY GETAWAY OPTIONS are still possible in times viruses


What HOLIDAY and GETAWAY OPTIONS are still possible in times of viruses?

The SPECIFIC ECONOMIC EXCLUSIONS under level 3 of the Regulations [ as from 1 June 2020] states that Short Term Home sharing, letting, leasing, rental for leisure purposes are totally banned as economic enterprises.

IN SUMMARY, Private Holiday Home Owners and Guests may:

1. Travel within the borders of permitted areas to visit their holiday homes and to maintain it.

2. Cleaning and maintenance services may be employed to maintain and clean holiday homes

3. Home sharing to persons [Guests] that are not part of the normal household is not permitted. 

4. Per night stays are not permitted for [Guests] the public in general. 

5. Per night stays are only permitted for persons [Guests] in quarantine or isolation or work purposes.


The above is our humble opinion which is based on the following information contained in the Regulations pertaining to level 3:

In terms of level 3 lock down regulations [effective from 1 June 2020] no person may leave his place of residence. This is the basic rule.

Some exceptions are mentioned in Section 33(1) of the Regulations.  A person may leave his or her place of residence to -

(a) perform any service, as permitted under Alert Level 3;

(b) travel to and from work;

(c) buy goods or obtain services, except for the goods or services which are excluded in this Chapter;

(d) move children, as allowed;

(e) exercise between the hours of 06h00 to 18h00: Provided that the exercise is not done in organised groups and adheres to health protocols and social distancing measures;

(f) attend a place of worship in the same or another metropolitan area or district within the same province; and

(g) attend a school or learning institution, once these are opened.”

However, when it comes to accommodation then private homes for paid leisure accommodation are also closed to the public and so too Hotels, lodges, bed and breakfasts, timeshare facilities and resorts and guest houses, except to the extent that these facilities are required for accommodation by-

(i) the remaining tourists confined to such facilities;

(ii) persons for work purposes; and

(iii) persons in quarantine or isolation.


[NB - Our offices at 10 Main Rd, Struisbaai - struisbaai@southernstaying.co.za - will provide all cleaning and sanitation services as from 1 June 2020 for the area Struisbaai, Agulhas, Suiderstrand. Phone Christel at 028 435 6869. As for the rest of South Africa; all holiday home owners will arrange the necessary.] 

Stay Safe - 



We, as Southern Staying, the online accommodation booking service, say that while vacationers can certainly be expected to travel responsibly, it is not necessary at to crash everyone's getaway plans. South Africa is a country rich in destinations that is ideal for those who prefer self-seclusion.

Whether you are; in seclusion at your own home, or in a beautiful stone cottage in the middle of the Karoo plains, or on the southern tip of Africa, the result remains the same.  As long as holiday makers apply hygiene and fair distance measures, such as stressed by the Department of Health, at all times, then in times of lock downs it is ideal to visit the remote areas of our country.

Destinations away from the cities offer families the ideal opportunity of practicing self-isolation while they can still get away from their busy lives, environment and routine. It also provides the opportunity to spoil your family in the midst of stressful times. So, to spend a few days in a self-catering holiday home on the West Coast, or on the banks of the Hartbeespoort Dam, or a weekend at Struisbaai Agulhas, or a wooden cottage in the Drakensberg, or in the Natal Midlands, is best for relaxation and to de-stress.

When it comes to more remote locations that at first glance will blow your mind breath away, South Africa certainly does not lack. Some of our most popular regions offer ideal self-catering holiday opportunities to enjoy the school holidays in reasonable privacy. Visit regions such as the Bushveldt in the north, the South Coast in KwaZulu-Natal, the West Coast and the Garden Route in the Western Cape, the charming Karoo and the ever-popular Kalahari, right to the banks of the Orange River.

Many accommodation owners did take the necessary steps to make their facilities as safe as possible for visitors and www.southernstaying.co.za encourages accommodation owners to do so. 

The hospitality industry was also properly informed and adjustments were made by game reserves, safari businesses, hotels and resorts to address the concerns raised by the pandemic. Such resorts also include River Lodge at Hazyview, Little Mongena Dinokeng, The Dunes Hotel & Resort, Keurboomstrand, Blue Gum Lodge at Bethal and Humala River Lodge at Baberton to name a few. The list is endless. Also Southern Staying's self-catering units and houses are usually far apart and suitable for private dining and braai. All information is available on the www.southernstaying.co.za website. Especially the photos of holiday homes can help a lot.

However, each guest and owner must still make their own informed decisions and enjoy the times as they deem fit and seek advice where necessary and subject to specific level rules at the time. 



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 What HOLIDAY GETAWAY OPTIONS are still possible in times viruses