Listing Host Plan

Invitation to Holiday Accommodation Owners:
Owners of holiday accommodation are proudly invited to join the professional world wide marketing and online booking manager of Southern Staying South Africa. Yes, we are a local company, serving tourists and holiday makers from all over the world since 2009.   
1. Listing, Hosting and Advertising holiday accommodation with Southern Staying is 100% free and Booking Guests pay no booking fees! 

2. Southern Staying receives and manage all booking fees. Payments are made into the bank accounts of owners while deposits are managed and refunded as per terms and conditions. For this service as well as our marketing services and brand name Southern Staying requires a 12% booking fee from the listing owner, calculated on the basic per night reservation subtotal. The 2% is aimed at covering our banking charges. The 10% goes towards our operating and marketing costs. 
3. Over and above our services in par. 2 we also provide local agency services where local agents / offices in predefined areas provide the complete spectrum of accommodation management services, from handling the keys, preparation of accommodation, check-in services, check-out services, bedding, linen, house hold services, cleaning and many more. If Southern Staying manages a holiday accommodation we charge owners a fixed basic per night reservations fee. This fee is determined between local agencies and owners. 
Our fees are calculated on successful bookings only. Owners pay no upfront fees.  
Accommodation managers are invited to list with Southern Staying, or open your own Southern Staying approved local agency. 
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How to list accommodation:
Load your accommodation online at: [List Accommodation Here]

Alternatively, contact our team via our OWNER SUPPORT DESK and we will list your accommodation for you and assist you all the way, making things as easy as possible. This alternative option is really the easiest. 
How does the online processing of a reservation work:
1. Client makes a booking online.
2. Our support team contacts the owner to ensure the accommodation is available.
3. If the accommodation is not available the booking will be rejected and the client assisted in finding his / her most perfect alternative.
4. If the owner confirms availability then client is informed of acceptance and also provided with our banking details.
5. Once payment is received the booked dates are blocked in order to prevent double bookings, and for the owners to monitor activity. 
6. The owner gets notified as soon as the payment is cleared in our bank account. The payment [excluding the refundable breakage deposit and our booking fee] gets paid into the owner's bank account.
7. The owner and booking client are introduced to each other and contact details are exchanged.  
8. The refundable breakage deposit gets refunded as per terms and conditions. 
9. At all times South Staying serve and support, in a balanced committed way, both owners and visitors. 
10. Local Southern Staying agencies may have different arrangements when the accommodation is managed locally and not only online. In which case this will be arranged by the local agent and owner, to their liking. 

Listing Properties for Sale and Long-term Rentals

Long-term rentals and properties for sale may only be listed with local Southern Staying agencies after consultations between clients and agency estate agents. 

VAT charges on service fees

Currently Southern Staying is not VAT registered, so no VAT is charged by us [Depending on the laws of the jurisdiction involved].  

Trip cancellations and reservation changes

See the effect on service fees for the following situations:

  • If a reservation request is retractedexpires or is declined, we don’t charge any service fee
  • If a guest cancels a reservation, the service fee charged to the guest is non-refundable
  • If a guest chooses to be refunded after a host cancellation, the service fee and all charges are refunded
  • If a reservation is changed, the service fee charged simply adjusts with to the new subtotal
For more information please contact us via the above Client Support desk.
Team: Southern Staying
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