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Southern Staying Midlands, Durban, Coastal
KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
Languages: English / Afrikaans
Phone: 027 11 054 4444 [International & Local]
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This Southern Staying page serves areas like the KZN Midlands, Durban, as well as the Natal North Coast and Natal South Coast.  All services are managed via Head Office. Contact us now!      


Information & Things to Do

KZN Midlands is excitingly anchored to the wonder beaches of Durban and the Northern and Southern coastline with thousands of super restaurants, shopping malls. Golf courses, yachting, power boating, fishing, beach fun, travelling through nature and lots more can be found at this prime South Africa destination.


This is truly a special spot on the map of South Africa.


Team: Southern Staying KZN

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