Things to Do in times of Lock Downs

idea Thing to Do in times of Lock Downs idea

Whether it is due to bad weather, the Corona Virus or whatever we’re all at some stage in our lives locked indoors for unforeseeable times, and it is so that a lot of us are getting very bored, very quickly. However, there are plenty of little things to keep us all going and happy.

Some of the activities suggested below are great ways of bringing people together even when we’re all apart, with organizers helping to install some sense of community in these strange times. 
1. Play card games if you are two or more people at home. Or enjoy Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Chess, and Dominoes etc. The longer the game the better for all. 

2. Catch up on movies that you missed. 

3. Computer games are also very popular, but remember to take a break from it ever so often. 

4. Play money games. Pay your kids with monopoly money for little tasks they do at home and let then in return buy some sweets and cookies from you. 

5. Gardening and Talk to your plants.

6. Reorganize your cupboards and donate some old stuff to the poor. 

7. Spend some time in the kitchen in baking cakes etc. but draw the kids or family in, in the preparation. 

8. Enjoy a picnic in your family room. A real picnic on the floor. 

9. Spend time as family around the fire and barbecue. Let the men do the work. 

10. Puzzles are fun and the older the builder the difficult it should be. 

11. Rearrange and clean out the garage and shed. 

12. Do those repairs that are long awaiting your attention. 

13. Play Simon Says. Play a guessing game: put an assortment of items on a tray, everyone tries to memorize the items. Everyone closes their eyes then one person removes a few items and players try to guess what was removed.

14. Do you have an overflow of paper cups? Divide into teams and see who can make the highest tower without it falling over.

15. Start a drawing game. Make it part of a competition. 

16. Play hide and seek. 

17. Try a pencil and paper game, like Dots and Boxes. 

18. Play hot potato. 

19. Enjoy good music. 

20. Moms will love doing some knitting with the girls. 

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Stay Safe and Enjoy the Times.

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